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Prince William County


Under the direction of retiring C.A. Paul Ebert, Prince William County became one of the 2% of jurisdictions in America responsible for a majority of executions since 1977. Candidates for the vacancy include Tracey Lenox (D), an experienced local criminal defense attorney; Amy Ashworth (D), a veteran of Ebert’s office and currently a defense attorney; and Republican Mike May, a former county supervisor who also ran for C.A. in 2015.

The Candidates

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Tracey Lenox (D)

Tracey Lenox has run her criminal defense practice out of Prince William County for the past 25 years, and is President-Elect of the local bar association.

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Amy ashworth (D)

Ms. Ashworth spent 19 years as a prosecutor, including 11 in Ebert’s office. Since Sept. 2016 she has been in private practice, focusing on family law and criminal defense.

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mike may (R)

Mike May, a former county supervisor, ran against Paul Ebert in 2015. Among other policy priorities, May has stated that he would implement discovery reform.


What The locals are saying about justice in PWC

No one knows the Prince William County justice system better than the attorneys who practice law there. Read our Prosecutor Report Card for Prince William County, to learn more about what the legal community thinks about Prince William County’s criminal courts, as well as the reforms needed from the next Commonwealth’s Attorney.