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Loudoun County


Loudoun County remains the fastest-growing county in Virginia, and is one of the fastest-growing in America. It is now home to roughly 400,000 residents, and the increase in population in recent decades has resulted in changes in demographics and the political landscape. The local criminal justice system has been slower to change, however, and continues to take a more traditional, punitive approach to criminal justice. Voters have two candidates to choose from in November: Nicole Wittmann (R), and Buta Biberaj (D). On August 31, 2019, we’ll be releasing our prosecutor “report card” for Loudoun County, to help you cast an informed vote.


Loudoun CA Race: News and Blog Posts

The Candidates


Nicole wittmanN (R)

Nicole Wittmann (R) is running to succeed Jim Plowman (R), who held the position since 2004, but recently was appointed to a judgeship. Wittmann is a veteran of Plowman’s office, which includes among its boosting felony prosecution numbers and clamping down on favorable plea offers extended to defendants.

Buta Biberaj (D)

Buta Biberaj (D), is the Democratic challenger for Commonwealth’s Attorney in Loudoun County. She has been a defense attorney in Loudoun for over 25 years, and served as a substitute judge for over a decade. She has promised to reform cash bail, civil asset forfeiture, and the root causes of mass incarceration.


what loudoun locals are saying

No one knows the Loudoun County justice system better than the attorneys who practice law there. Learn more about what the legal community is saying about Loudoun’s criminal courts (coming soon — Aug. 31, 2019)