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Commonwealth’s Attorneys—Virginia’s local, elected prosecutors—are the most powerful individuals in the justice system. Learn why they’re so importantwhat makes a progressive prosecutor, and why we need prosecutors who are committed to fixing what’s broken.

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Virginia has replaced the right to trial with the inevitability of plea bargains, and has seen conviction and incarceration rates skyrocket. Prosecutors are the biggest reason why.

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What’s a “progressive prosecutor”?

With the traditional, punitive approach to justice under fire, and with more incumbents facing challengers than ever before, seemingly every candidate is claiming to be a “progressive prosecutor.” But what does that really mean? And what does meaningful criminal justice reform look like?

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In 2019, voters in at least six Virginia cities and counties—Fairfax County, Arlington/Falls Church, Prince William, Albemarle and Chesterfield—will decide who will shape the future of their local criminal justice system for years to come. Learn more about the candidates and the state of justice in their jurisdictions.

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