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Fairfax County


With the largest court system in the largest county in Virginia, Fairfax boasts a diverse, dynamic, sophisticated legal community. Steve Descano (D) is challenging incumbent Ray Morrogh (D), who has worked in the Fairfax Commonwealth’s Attorney’s (C.A.’s) Office for 35 years. Although Morrogh has styled himself “Our Progressive Prosecutor,” his office is thought to take a fairly traditional approach to prosecuting criminal cases. Descano has committed to end cash bail, address racial disparities, and stop seeking the death penalty, among other reforms.


Fairfax C.A. Race: News and Blog Posts

The Candidates

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ray Morrogh (D), Incumbent

Ray Morrogh (D), incumbent, was first elected as Commonwealth’s Attorney in 2007, but has been employed with his office since 1983. He has styled himself a “progressive prosecutor,” but his record is a mixed bag, and not clearly one of a reformer.

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Steve Descano (D), Challenger

Steve Descano (D) is a West Point graduate and former federal prosecutor. His campaign has focused on ending cash bail, promoting racial justice, and moving past “tough on crime” policies such as capital punishment and aggressive drug interdiction.


CA Report Card: What locals and lawyers are saying about justice in Fairfax

No one knows the Fairfax County justice system better than the attorneys who practice law there. CA Difference asked local attorneys to evaluate their own criminal courts and the policies and practices of their local elected prosecutors, using the 21 Principles as a guide. The full report card can be found here.